Our Products and Services

New Zealand
PFP predominantly exports Radiata Pine logs to our overseas markets. We also have access to other species such as Douglas Fir, Eucalyptus, Larch, Redwood and Poplar if required. We export a range of log grades, primarily Pruned, A, K, KI and KIS grades. In addition to this we are also experienced in exporting lumber products. Product can also be supplied with anti-sapstain treatment applied to the logs. The majority of our sales are on a CFR basis.

The Group has been operating out of Australia since January 2014. A range of species and grades are available, predominantly Radiata Pine and Eucalytpus logs for the Asia Pacific market.

Since mid-2012 the Group have been managing the log export operations along with the sales and marketing of Eucalyptus Grandis logs from the Big Island in Hawaii. This product is shipped regularly to the Asian market.